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Application Deadline 31st May 2024


Award Ceremony Event in Herzogenaurach

Eco Performance Award 2024

Europe’s prestigious award for sustainability in road freight transport sector is entering its 16th round. Once again, the jury panel is looking to honour companies in the industry, who in the past year have excelled in uniting ecological, economical and social efforts. Read on below for more.

Eco Performance Award 2024
Eco Performance Award 2024

Time & Location

Application Deadline 31st May 2024

Award Ceremony Event in Herzogenaurach, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany

About the Event

Coherent sustainability strategies are increasingly important for attaining prominence over the competition on the market. Europe's prestigious award for sustainability in the transport and logistics industry recognises both innovative as well as well-tried strategies. This award honours companies that effectively combine ecological, economic and social initiatives in pursuing the triple bottom line.

While applying you should have in mind what specific problems you are addressing as well as what solution path you have chosen. This application is the first step in the award process so take the chance to stick out from the crowd by being precise, genuine and interesting. Remember that all three dimensions of sustainability should be addressed to increase your chances of making it to the next round.

All companies from the transport and logistics sector that meet the following requirements are eligible to participate:

Award categories

  • Large Companies
  • Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Start-ups
  • Digital Innovation

The Jury reserves the right to change the number and name of the awards.

Participation Requirements

  • For all categories: A clear relation to all three dimensions of sustainability as well as an obligatory relation to road freight transport (e.g., multimodal transport, value added services etc.) is mandatory. Participants must have an official site in Europe. The submitted concepts and projects must have been implemented in practice. The EPA sets a particular focus on digital support within the submitted concepts and projects.
  • Categories Large Companies and SME: Disposition sovereignty over a truck fleet is mandatory.
  • Category Start-ups: Start-ups may not be older than five years, must have highly innovative ideas and constant growth, but do not require disposition sovereignty over a fleet of trucks.
  • Category Digitalisation / Software: Honours particularly  sustainable, digitally supported solutions and transformation  processes. The category is explicitly aimed at software  providers; no own fleet is required.

Application documents sent in (short applications and full applications) must be authorised by the Board of Directors/executive management or authorised representatives. The application for the Eco Performance Award is free of charge.

Share with your Network

Application Announcement

Here you can download the application announcement, which contains all essential information for the Eco Performance Award on one page. Feel free to forward the document if you know someone who could have the potential to win the contest.


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